What and where is our consciousness?

The Mind-Object Identity (MOI)

"S's consciousness of x is
x taking place relative to S's body"

Meet Riccardo Manzotti: Philosopher, psychologist, AI expert and author of the groundbreaking book “The Spread Mind: Why Consciousness and the World Are One“. This book has been translated into Italian, German, Chinese and Turkish, and has won recognition across the globe.

Riccardo is a full professor of theoretical philosophy at IULM University (Milan), and was a Fulbright Visiting Scholar at MIT (Boston). He’s a co-editor of the Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Consciousness and has published numerous books and articles on consciousness, machine consciousness, perception, philosophy of mind, aesthetics, media, and philosophy of art.

Riccardo’s cutting-edge research focuses on exploring the elusive nature of consciousness and the structure of reality. He’s on a mission to answer some of life’s biggest questions: What is consciousness? Is there a separation between our experience of the world and the world itself? Does the present (the now) have a fixed time span? Can we create a conscious machine? And what ethical implications does consciousness and technology bring to the table in the 21st century?


Yayılmış Zihin

In Turkish the theory of the Spread Mind that provides a new ontology of reality where consciousness fits seamlessly in. Can we explain first person properties in terms of relative and spatiotemporally gerrumandered objects ?

Ich Denke, Aber Wer Ist Ich?

Together with Anne Carine Hashagen a book about the meaning of life. How do we measure the value of our lives? What is a meaningful life and where do we find meaning? The author duo Hashagen/Manzotti pursues a radically different, much more promising path.

Dialogues on Consciousness

Fifteen dialogues between Riccardo Manzotti and the celebrated English novelist Tim Parks about the nature of consciousness. We address the human key questions ever: How do we think? how do we perceive one another, and ourselves?

La mente allargata

Una nuova teoria della coscienza che risolve il cosiddetto "hard problem". La coscienza non è dentro il cervello, ma è tutt'uno con il mondo esterno che esiste relativamente al nostro corpo. Noi siamo fuori di testa!

The Spread MIND

A book that proposes a solution to the hard problem of consciousness. By revisiting the nature of the physical world in terms of spatio-temporally relative objects, I explain how we can find our consciousness inside the physical world.

Consciousness and Object

A detailed and rigorous defense of the Spread Mind based on the most advanced theories from physics and neuroscience.

La mente allargata

The Spread Mind in Chinese!

Zihnin Ucu Bucagi

The Spread Mind in Turkish.

the mind-object identity hypothesis

The physical world is made of relative objects whose existence is relative to other objects. Once the world is reconceived as a spatio-temporal network of relative objects, consciousness and subjectivity can be recast in the physical world.