Manzotti R., Parks, T., Dialogues on Consciousness. OR Books, 2019.

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Manzotti R., The Spread Mind. Why Consciousness and the World Are One. OR Books, 2017

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Manzotti R., La mente allargata, Il Saggiatore, Milano, 

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Manzotti R., The Spread Mind (Chinese edition). Beijing United Creation, Beijing, 2019.

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Manzotti R., Parks, T. Dialogues on Consciousness (Turkish Edition). Metis, Istanbul, 2019

Manzotti R., Consciousness and Object. A mind-object identity physicalist theory. John Benjamins, 2017

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Parks, T., Out of My Head. On the trail of consciousness. Random House, NY, 2019,

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Parks, T.,  Ma che cosa ho in testa. Viaggio di un ignorante tra i misteri della mente. Utet, Milano, 2019.

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Parks, T.,  Out of the hed. On the trail of consciousness. New York Review Books, New York, 2019

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Older books ...

Manzotti R., (ed.) Situated Aesthetics. Art beyond the skin. Exeter (UK), Imprint Academic, 2011.

Manzotti R., Chella A. (eds), Artificial Consciousness, Exeter (UK), Imprint Academic, 2007

Manzotti R., Tagliasco, V. L’esperienza. Perché i neuroni non spiegano tutto. Codice edizioni. Milano, 2008