Books, Media, and other Stuff


Here you can find a selection of videos about the Spread Mind theory. Short clips about specific issues and also complete video recordings of selected conferences.


There are several channels about the Spread Mind at different level of details. Some are really short and funny.

Audio & podcasts

Do you want to listen to an audio recording of a conference? Here there are a few.


All the books about the Spread Mind by myself or by other authors that are fascinated by the notion that we are not inside our bodies.

Papers and articles

All my academic papers and articoles about consciousness, perception, artificial intelligence, artificial consciousness, aesthetics.


More popular articles by me or about me.


Do you like comics? Have a look at a selection of philosophical and scientific comics about the key issues: time, existence, consciousness, perception, information, and representation.

More material

More stuff about funny things: illusions, icons, afterimages, colors, and more!